Sailing Stones in Death valley

Death valley is famously known as the hottest place on earth with many of mysteries, sailing of stone is one of the petal in this flower
Death walley is the driest place in north America, and home to the strangeness seeming playa known as the racetrack playa. Here stones sail leaving traces in the mud behind . Many of them leave traces of 1500 m.
Researchers claim that a rare combination of Rain,water and wind conditions enabled the rocks to move
A rain of 1/2inch will wet the surface of playa, then the surface becomes extremely slippery and reduces the friction between the stones and muddy surface strong wind of 50 mph ,skid the large boulder
The problem with wind moving the rocks is that many of the rocks weigh more than 300 kilograms and are embedded a few inches into the mud of the playa. It is unlikely that wind alone could move these heavy rocks
Richard Norris and his cousin James norris started research and began studying the region in 2011 by setting up weather station, time-lapse cameras and dropping of rocks loaded with GPS trackers
After 2 years both of them travelled to racetrack playa and they were able to capture the movement of the stones for the first time using time lapse photography
And the real reason behind sailing of stones came forward
In the winter, rain water formed a pond that froze overnight and thawed next day creating a vast sheet of ice that started melting because of sunlight .Driven by light wind this sheet broke up and accomodate behind the boulder,slowly start pushing them forward
These boulders only move once every two or three years and most tracks last for three or four years
In the statement,Richard Norris Said ,
Science sometimes has an element of luck. We expected to wait five or ten years without anything moving, but only two years into the project, we just happened to be there at the right time to see it happen in person.

How the Pyramid of Giza created?

The pyramid of Giza was made during the period of around 2550 to 2490B.C .The pyramid was built by Pharoahs Khufu. The monumental tombs are relics of Egypt, old kingdom era. It was constructed some 4500 years ago. It is largest ever made pyramid with height of 481 feet(147 meters). Around 2.3million block of stone were used with each weighs an average of 2.5 to 15 tons .These stones were transported from more than 500 miles away from the construction site through Nile river. The pyramid was completed in 20 years. According to greek historian Herodotus 100000 workers were used in construction.

The Khufu’s pyramid consists of 3 chambers (Queen’s chamber,grand gallery and king’s chamber which is at the centre of pyramid).There are no treasures or mummies in any of chamber of pyramid.

It perfect angles and joins make this the most precise and confounding building

But how was this pyramid made?

Among the theories the ramp theory is probably the most accepted theory.It says that stones were supposedly pulled across the desert with ropes by using wet sand to reduce friction.As this practice can be seen in some ancient wall paintings .Stone were taken to a height by using a ramp.As wheels were not inevented at that time.

One of the theory also suggest that instead of pulling the stones across the desert, cannals were constructed all the way to the construction site, allowing stones to float which made stone moved pretty easily. However there is no evidence present related to it.

There are many other theories floating around us. Regardless of what you believe , there’s no arguing that the Egyptian Pyramid is engineering marvel. It take insane amount of intelligence and manpower in building of this great structure .This shows how ancient civilizations were ahead of their time.

A 2000 years old incredibly preserved mummy.

Xin Zhui,was a chinese Marquese who lived during Han dynasty (226BC-220CE) .Her 2000 year old body is preserved along with her husband a body which is assumed to be her son was found in the archeological survey of 1971. Her tomb was found inside a hill named Mawangdui with thousands of artifacts, luxurious meal ,variety of condiments,pickled food,and basket stuffed with a wide variety of items including seafood,pheasant,and grains

But the most fascinating thing was the way Xin zhui was preserved inside the tomb. Her skin was still maintained as a living person, soft to touch. Her hair was found to be in place including that on her head, as well as eyebrows and lashes.

Researchers also found that her organs were intact and her veins still housed type-A blood.

According to Autopsy, Xin Zhui was overweighted, suffered from back pain,high blood pressure,clogged arteries,liver disease,gallstones ,diabetes,and severely damaged heart

While examining, Pathologist found 138 undigested melon seeds in her intestines. It is right to assume that the melon was her last meal eaten before the cardiac arrest

However, Xin Zhui preserved corpse immediately started derirorating as once the oxygen in the air touched her body, Thus the image of Xin Zhui that we have today does not justice the initial discovery

Researchers believe she was so well-preserved because of elaborate and airtight tomb in which Xin Xhui was kept. She was wrapped in twenty layers of silk fabric,and her body was found in 21 gallons of an unknown liquid that was slightly acidic and containing traces of magnesium

Her body remains are now kept in Hunan Provincial museum

A Plane that vanished and reappered after 35 years?

According to an article published by tabloid “Weekly world news” in 1989 which claims that the Santiago airlines flight 513 took off on 4 September 1954 from Aachen,Germany and was scheduled to land at Porto algre airport ,Brazil in 18 hours .The plane was flying to its planned destination.The crew of plane last communicated with Air traffic control(ATC) few minutes after takeoff when the flight was flying over Atlantic Ocean.The plane was lost from ATC radar screen.

The airport authorities believed that the plane had crashed mid-way.Many search teams were formed to find remains of crashed plane but they were unable to find a single remain of plane or a passenger.The santiago airlines runned out of business in 1956,after some years search was called off.

After 35 years,On October 1989 at porto algre airport a unauthorised plane was spotted around the airbase.The air traffic control team tried to make a contact with crew but there was no response from the crew.The plane came close to the runway and stuck a perfect landing.The plane looked well maintained but beyond the doors lies unbelievable pictures.The airport authorities approached the plane and opened the door and what they saw chilled their bones to the core. They found 92 human skeletons (4 crew members).All of them safely buckled into their seats.When they opened the cockpit doors,they saw that plane’s pilot Captain Michael victor cury,also was in a skeleton form while his hands were still on the controls

But how true is this incident?

According to research this event is a fictional story. Weekly world news was infamous for publishing farcial stories,Four years before 513 they published yet another similar fictional story of Pam am flight 914.Lack of evidence is also aproof against this fictional stories no valid evidence were given to prove this supernatural event other than a article in newspaper from 1989

A mysterious dargah were 11 mens lift the stone with the tip of index finger

A 700 year old dargah named Pir qamar ali darvesh in Shivapur Village is well knowned for magical happening.

The tomb of dargah is made with beautiful white marble.A saint qamar ali honoured by villagers during his short lifespan

Qamar ali was born in a middleclass family.He was the youngest of all childrens. His brothers were popular because of their strength.However despite having a muscular body Qamar ali choose his own way and became a safi-saint. He began preaching morality. Qamar ali died during his late teens. But before having his last breath he asked his followers to place a heavy boulder near his tomb.After his death he was honoured as a saint

The boulder is present near dargah from the blessing of Qamar ali, if 11men try lifting the boulder with the tip of their index finger while calling the name of Qamar ali Darvesh.The stone get levitated about 2 metres above is the air

Many believers and non-believers approach the dargah to witness the stone levitate with their eyes

Before leaving Qamar ali gave message on the behalf of god that, we all are brothers in the eyes of god and we should love each other as he loves us.Thats why, beyond the caste , religion any 11 men can pick the stone up when it is picked in unity.

The haunted strip of road

India is gifted with natural mysetries.But it is a different story with hill station of kurseong.

Kurseong is a hill station located about 30 km away from Darjeeling.It is popularly known as “land of white orchids”.Beyond natural beauty It has mysterious forests,headless corpse, mysterious deaths,haunted road and ruined bulding,place seems more like a horror movie location.

A small stretch of road between the forest office and dowhill is named as death road.The woodcutters often report a young headless boy walking on the road and disappearing into the woods. Inside the forest people get a feeling of followed by someone! People also reported about a woman wearing grey clothes and walking around and a red eye starring at them. Some People get mentally affected because of the strange feeling in the forest and some even commit sucide

Local people avoid going in the woods even in daylight

Close to the woods lies a 100 year old “Victoria boys high school” which is said to be haunted

People often hear a boy laughing and running in the corridors during winter vacation of 4 months

The Phenomenon which defies gravity

If your car is stationery on the slope of land then offcourse it will start moving downwards But not on this Magnetic Hill present in India

A strech of road situated at a height of 14000 feet above the sea level and at a distance of 30 km from Leh city.This place is a mystery because of its upward magnetic pull. The road attracts stationery vehicle upwards

There is a yellow signboard on that road that reads,"The phenomenon that defies gravity park your vehicle in box marked with paint on the road and experience the wonder".If you park your vehicle in that white box and put engine off vehicle start moving uphill at the speed of 20km/hr
But the question arises how is it possible?
There is a scientific reason behind it but, local people claim that it is "road to the heaven ". People those are deserving for heaven are automatically pulled uphill.
There are some theories that explains this upward magnetic pull.One theory proposed that it is because of magnetic force of the hill is strong that it attracts vehicle towards itself . In fact ,it is so strong that Indian Air Force avoid taking this route because of the magnetic interference.
Another theory suggest that this hill is a optical illusion .The hill does not have any magnetic force but it just creates optical illusion . The road actually goes downhill but seems as if it is going uphill Hence,we see vehicle moving uphill but actually it is moving downhill
There are some similar hills in China and Scotland as well

Village of Twins

All over world Twins are considered as Rare,but not in Kodinhi. Kodinhi is the village situated in Kerala,India.

Kodinhi is the home of around 2000 families.After a research now it is known that there are 204 pairs of twins.By now it should be more then 204.

In 2008, 300 women delivered babies in the village but fun fact is among them 15 pairs of twins were born. According to twinning index there is one twin among 1000 deliveries.India is the country with one of the lowest twinning rate ,yet this village has high twinning rate.

This strangeness is not only in Kodinhi.There are many such town all over the world.The town of Igbo-Ora in Nigeria an isolated community in Brazil shares same amount of strangeness.

The rate of twins in kodinhi is increasing every year.According to Dr krishnan sribiju the actual number of twins is more than what is officially recorded.He says,”In my medical opinion there are around 300 to 350 twins within the village boundaries of kodinhi”.

According to local villagers this phenomenon began three generation ago.Some dr speculate the reason for twins birth is particular element present in the air,water and diet of village.But then the question arises that some of the women of this village have married far off villages and tribes they are also known to give birth to twins.

For now Kodinhi is unsolved mystery

Place were Birds Sucide.

Over 100 years 1000 of birds are flown to their death on a particular strip of land with a small area of 1500 meters by 200 meters in Jatinga,Assam.Every year after the monsoons during the month of September or October ,from 6:00 to 9:30 on moonless nights ,birds have been known to occasionally Plunge to death,but its not birds who do sucide they are villagers who do actual killing of birds by believing them to be “spirits flying from sky to terrorize them”The villagers in jatinga made trap to capture the bird with bamboo poles and beat them to death.

Tiger heron,Little egret,Black bittern,Pond herons,Indian pitta,Kingfisher.Also species of birds including Green pigeon, emerald dove etc are affected by this phenomenon

From studies some theories have been proposed that try to explain this phenomenon.One of the theory suggest that combination of after monsoon winds,high altitudes and Fog suffocate birds and affect their visibility and birds get attracted towards the light of village.Another theory suggest that the weather of the region leads to changes in magnetic qualities of underground water causing birds in Disoriented state.

This mysterious place is covered in detail in the book named “The Birds of Assam” written by a well knowned Ornithologist,Anwaruddin Choudhury.The Naturalist named Edward Pritchard Gee brought this phenomenon to global attention in 1960.

Conservation groups and wildlife officials visited the village to educate the villagers about the phenamenon in an attempt to prevent wanton killing of birds.Since then deaths have been decreased by 40percent.

Now Government of Assam is using this phenomenon to attract tourists to the small village


Around 200 years ago Kuldhara home of more than 1500 Paliwal Brahmins.Lakshmi Chand in his book Tawarikh-i-Jaiselmer states paliwal brahmin named Kadhan was the first to settle this village.Some devali inscription indicated that village was settled in 13 th century.One day entire population fled overnight

Now the village is Abandoned .Left over are some of Ruined buildings,An old temple and rumours that try to explain the condition of village

People migrated from there are now settled in different parts of India.But many of them are living in Sirmaur of Himachal Pradesh.

Local people claim that the atrocities committed by a minister of Jaisalmer,Salim singh was increased in such a extent that villagers were unable to pay it.Some studies also suggest that this should be because of Earthquakes.

Now this site is maintained by Archeological Survey of India and Rajasthan government is in the process of bringing Life to this abandoned town by reconstructing it.